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Why Mentor Partners?

Entrepreneurs in India face daunting challenges:

  Developing a business focused value proposition in view of global market and competitive realities,
  Selling successfully through established relationships and channels to enterprise customers mainly in the U.S. and European markets  
  Building a team that transcends cultural and geographic boundaries to include industry leaders with a significant brand in the US
  Getting industry insight in specific verticals from seasoned industry veterans, often in the U.S.,
  Creating a successful team
  Raising money and creating the appropriate equity structure to make their idea a reality.

What do we do?

Mentor Partners helps entrepreneurs succeed by bringing together customers, ideas, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and expertise, through Mentor’s unique intellectual and network capital. We bring together all of the key critical prerequisites to entrepreneurial success, most of which are unique in the business:

  Idea generation and refinement
  Access to customers
  Insight from industry veterans
  Building the Leadership team

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  Mentor Partners helps entrepreneurs in India build world-class companies
    Build your idea into a viable business
    Raise seed funding and scale
    Penetrate into global markets