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We work very closely with our companies and mentor them through all the ups and downs that are typical of startups. We are involved not just at the board level, but at every level, and interact with the company management on a weekly if not a daily basis. Our involvement extends from what product to build; how to package, price, and market it; how to penetrate into key accounts; how to raise financing; and many more strategic and tactical considerations. Typically, our companies have made discontinuous progress after engaging with us , anc continue to make progress at an accelerated pace.


  ILANTUS Technologies is a leading global solutions provider in the area of User Provisioning and Identity Management. The company focuses on providing end to end solution in IM, delivered with highest quality standards. ILANTUS Technologies was founded in 2000 and has offices in US, Singapore and India.
  More than 10 years after online shopping kicked off, we are still shopping the same way we did back then. UGenie intends to change all that with revolutionary technology that will put the internet shopper in the driver seat (of a fighter jet, so to speak) and innovative features that will redefine online shopping.
  Bubble Motion is a technology company which develops voice applications for mobile operators. Bubble Motion delivers a mobile infrastructure platform to design, develop and deploy carrier class value-added services. Bubble Motion provides mobile operators and content developers a complete service creation and deployment environment.
  Atlantis Computing's vision is to deliver reliable and cost-effective on-demand  computing at a global scale.  Atlantis Computing is built on the premise that that the way the world computes today (technologically and economically) is ripe for disruption. This is because computing today is not all-inclusive, and the benefits of computing do not reach everybody.  Our mission is to develop the planet's leading computing fabric for the delivery of software applications, storage, connectivity and collaboration via the Internet to everyone, everywhere. is an online Real Estate marketplace that brings transparency, ease-of-use and customer service to the real-estate market in India..It connects the two ends of real estate chain i.e. the Builder and end customer with minimum interference of market intermediaries. By working directly with builders and our army of sellers, atOnePlacel showcases handpicked properties from across India and offers full service one stop shope experience to raise the customer satisfaction level in a highly fragmented market.
  Elina Networks innovates enterprise networking solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Elina's products and services are focused on alleviating the pain of building, continuously upgrading and managing these networks through their lifecycles.

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